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 English Program Overview

Tsai Hsing Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior High partner with Banyan Global Learning for comprehensive language learning programs that start in kindergarten and span from grades 1 to 8.

Our Expected Student Learning Results (below) explain what students will be able to do by the end of the program. Students start working towards these goals in Grade 1, with their custom-designed Bridges curriculum.

The curriculum is based on international standards in language (Common European Framework of Reference – CEFR), technology (COE digital framework, ISTE standards) and global citizenship (CASEL framework, OXFAM Global Citizenship framework).


Students develop cultural competencies to solve real-world problems, express original ideas and create positive change in their local and global communities.


Students develop linguistic competencies including reading, writing, listening and speaking to create meaning and forge human connections.


Students develop and evolve digital competencies to stay safe and build community online while exchanging ideas with an expanded audience.

 Grade-by-Grade Overview


This is your child’s learning journey within our English program.

Grade 7 & 8 Learning Live

Language level: B1 – B1+

  • Focus on themes related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Project-based, including a Grade 8 Capstone, where students work in teams to propose a solution to one of the SDGs.
  • Students use their own iPads; their expert foreign teachers Zoom into class.
Grade 5 & 6 Learning Live

Language level: B1

  • Focus on themes related to ourselves in our communities and ourselves in the world. Project-based, including a Grade 6 full-year international collaboration and community action project.
  • Students use their own iPads; their expert foreign teachers Zoom into class.
Grade 5 & 6 Digital Learning

Language level: B1

  • Focus on themes exploring the world and its different cultures.
  • Tailored to reinforce students’ language, develop communication skills and provide opportunities to experience different cultures.
  • Students use specially designed DL textbooks; teachers Zoom into class.
Grade 3 & 4 Bridges

Language level: A1-A2

  • Uses the Content and Language Integrated Learning approach where students study core subjects in English (including math and science), with a social studies focus on global citizenship.
  • Students study on-site at Tsai Hsing with Native English-speaking teachers.
Grade 1 & 2 Bridges

Language level: Pre A1-A1

  • Focuses on laying the groundwork in all content areas (CLIL) in English, with a social studies focus on social-emotional learning. Specific conversation /presentations focus.
  • Students study on-site at Tsai Hsing with Native English-speaking teachers

Innovating In Education


Banyan Global Learning stays ahead of the curve to make sure that all of our students have access to exciting content and technology that will keep them ahead of their peers.

Field Trips Live

At least once a month, (grades 5-8) and once a semester (kindergarten), students participate in virtual field trips. Themes include:

  • places and cultures around the world
  • global and local issues
  • social-emotional learning


Students work in groups on themed projects (generally related to SDGs) and also collaborate with students at other schools as they complete their projects. We’ve worked with classes in Colombia, USA, Kenya, and many other countries!

Digital Resources

Developed to support the Bridges Kindergarten and Grades 1-4 classwork, our online practice uses H5P and Tiny Tap technology to keep learning fun, too! The resources will be expanded in the upcoming years to provide practice on additional content.

Customizing Education


Banyan Global Learning understands the needs of our students and creates materials that are tailored to those needs, while progressing their learning forward in the English language.


The Bridges series is currently being revised in order to include an increased focus on skills development and local/global citizenship. In addition to Math, Science, Music, Art, PE and English, the revised series also highlights  conversation (grade 1) and presenting skills (in grades 2 and 4).

James & Luna

Students join James (in grades 5 and 6) and Luna (in grades 7 and 8) as they get to know the different cultures across the United States and Latin America. Written at the A2-B1 language levels, each book introduces project themes, while the characters learn life lessons, too.


As students reach key points in their language learning journeys, they do culminating projects. This happens in Grade 4 (performance), Grade 6 (year-long project) and Grade 8 (documentaries & podcasts). These capstones showcase students’ skills and development in communicating content.